China, Kazakhstan

China, Kazakhstan
1. The Mongolian Development Research Center sent a 6 persons study team to China (Xinjiang) and Kazakhstan between 12-26 September 1998. The delegation visited Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Yugur Autonomous region, China for 6 days 13-18 September. They included Mr. Togtokh, Member of Parliament, Dr. Batjargaj, Director, Center for meteorology, Mr. Enebish, Ministry of Nature and Environment, Mr. Nyamtseren, Ministry of Finance, Dr. Batbayar, Academy of Sciences, Mr. Amar, Executive Director, MDRC.

The delegation visited Xinjiang Institute of Geography and Ecology, Animal Husbandry Bureau of Xinjiang government, Xinjiang Pedagogical Institute, and had a study trip to Kazakh minority village.
Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, established in July 1998, was set up on the basis of two former Institutes: Institute of Desert research and Institute of Geography. The Institute has professional staff of 328 persons, 121 of them are professors, 139 of them are engineers.

Major fields of research includes (1) protection of oasis ecology and high-efficient sustainable development of oasis agriculture; (2) monitoring of environmental change of desert and improvement of disasters and techniques on desertification reverses; (3) resourse exploitation of arid and semi-arid land and regional sustainable development.
According to the interview with Mr. Tuo Man, deputy director, Agricultural Bureau of Xinjiang government, by the end of 1997 about 105 thousand households of cattle breeders were settled down, which comprises 70 percent of all those households engaged in animal husbandry. Those pastoral households can have access to electricity, water, roads and other necessary services. It meant a big change in the lifestyle of nomadic herdsmen in Xinjiang.

2. The 4 member delegation, including Mr. Togtokh, Nyamtseren, Batbayar, Amar, went to Kazakhstan and stayed for one week 18-25 September.
Kazakhstan Institute of Ecology and Sustainable Development is doing research works on sustainable development of ecologo-economic areas of the Republic, natural use and rehabilitation based on National Environmental Strategy. The institute is involved in issues of integrated ecologo-economic development of selected areas, including the models of environmental stabilization in the crisis regions. It has done research on such issues, like Ecologo-economic assessment of ground ecosystems in Tengiz oil fields, Rangeland capacity of the Ryn sands, Ecological limitations of natural use in Atyrau oblast etc.

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