Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk

Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk

The MDRC delegation consisting of 6 persons:

  1. Dr. Ts. Batbayar, Chairman of Board, MRDC
  2. Dr. S. Lhagva, Member of Board, MDRC
  3. Mr. D. Amar, Executive Director, MDRC
  4. Prof. Sumio Kuribayashi, Tokyo International University
  5. Prof. Tan Hashida, Tokyo International University
  6. Mr. Shinichi Kubota, Sasakawa Peace Foundation visited Republic of Buryatia (The Russian Federation) and city of Irkutsk during 26 August and 1 September 1999.


The delegation first visited railway border town Naushki on Russian side, the border check point Kyahta in 36 km from Naushki.

Kyahta is in opposite side to Mongolian border point named Altanbulak. The visit to Kyahta was interesting because Russo-Mongolian trade exchange and people's exchange is mostly carried out through this transit corridor Kyahta-Altanbulak. Now extension of new check point is under construction. Last year, the Russian Federation invested US$ 1.168 into the new construction. It will occupy 16 hectares of land. After the extension it can handle 200 cars per day instead of 50 cars today.

The delegation met Mr. V.M. Struchkov, head of Kyahta administration and Mr. D.U. Munkuev, deputy head of the administration. They told us about the Kyahta industry which is in a very bad shape and told about the perspectives of Kyahta as free custom zone in near future. During the visit to Ulan-Ude, capital of the Republic of Buryatia, the delegation met Mr. Atanov N.I., Minister of Economy and External Relations, Republic of Buryatia. Mr. Atanov told us about the economic situation of the Republic, and about economic relations between Moscow as center and Buryatia as perifery. Buryat Republic is rich in mineral resources like gold etc.( 9 tonnes were produced per last year).

The lake of Baikal, situated in the Republic of Butyatia makes it attractive for foreign tourists.

The delegation also met Mr. Leonid V. Potapov, President of the Republic of Buryatia. President told to the delegation about the economic perspectives of the Buryatia and about the people.
In Irkutsk, the delegation met Mr. Vasilii P. Sherbak, Deputy chairman of Science Committee, Irkutsk oblast. Irkutsk is planning to host Baikal Economic Forum in autumn 2000. There are some prospects about the realization of Land Bridge project by revitalizing Trans Siberian Railway.

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