Seminars for Parliament Members

The Seminar for Members of Parliament (12-13 August, 1998)
The MDRC organized the Seminar entitled “Development Experience and Development Strategy” for Members of Mongolian Parliament in August 12-13, 1998. MDRC invited three professors from Japan as Prof. Kaneko Masaru, prof. Kuribayashi Sumio both from Tokyo International University, and prof. Kubota Shinichi from Asia University as guest speakers for the Seminar.

The two day seminar attracted about 25 participants from various organizations, including Mongolian Parliament, Government, President Office, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Finance etc.

The seminar played an important role in educating Mongolian policy-makers in the need of having a long-term development program for the country.

The Seminar for Members of Parliament (24 August, 1999)
The MDRC organized an international seminar for Members of Mongolian Parliament titled “Development Experience and Development Strategy” on 24 August, 1999 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Six foreign professors, including four from Japan, one from Australia, one from Malaysia were invited to the seminar to deliver papers.

Foreign guest lecturers included:


  1. Professor Sumio Kuribayashi, Tokyo International University
  2. Professor Tan Hashida, Tokyo International University
  3. Mr. Shinichi Kubota, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  4. Mr. Takashi Shirasu, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  5. Prof. Glinn Wittwer, Adelaide University, Australia
  6. Prof. Mohamed Ariff, Malaysian Center for Economic Research


Mongolian lecturers included:


  1. Mrs. J. Nergui, Economic adviser to Prime-Minister of Mongolia
  2. Mr. Namhaijantsan, Director of Public Sector Restructuring Project

Mongolian participants included 32 persons, including 6 Members of Parliament, 6 officials from Ministry of Finance, 4 officials from Ministry of Infrastructure Development, 6 from Ministry of Environment, 10 Professors from Mongolian State University and Agricultural University.

The MDRC organized the seminar on an economic forecasting model for Mongolia on 23 August, 1999 in Ulaanbaatar. Five foreign professors, including 3 from Japan, one from Australia, one from Malaysia participated in the seminar. The Mongolian team of forecasting model, headed by prof. Davaatseren, Mongolian State University, made its mid-term report on “Economic forecasting model for Mongolia”. Prof. G. Wittwer from Adelaide University, Australia, delivered a paper on “Mathematic Equilibrum model” worked out by Australian specialists.
Participants presented their opinions on Mongolian team’s model and made very useful recommendations to make it more efficient and compatible. Project on Economic model for Mongolia was finished by the end of 1999.

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