International Conferences organized by MDRC

Conference title

  1. “Northeast Asian Regionalism and Role of Mongolia for Peaceful and Stable Development of Northeast Asia”, Ulaanbaatar, March 2001
  2. “China and Mongolia Cooperation in the Context of Northeast Asia”, Huh-hot, China, August 2001
  3. “Factors of Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia”, Ulaanbaatar, 6-7 March 2002
  4. "The Russia (East Siberia)-Mongolia-China- Eurasian Transport Corridors”, Irkutsk, Russia, August 2002
  5. “Peace and Development Issues in the Northeast Asia”, Ulaanbaatar, March 2003
  6. "Free Trade Areas in Mongolia and the Engagement of Neighboring Countries", Ulaanbaatar, 20 August 2003
  7. “Foreign Trade and Investment: Shifting Attitudes in Northeast Asia”, Ulaanbaatar, 26-27 February 2004
  8. “Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management in Northeast Asia”, Ulaanbaatar, 25-26 August 2004
  9. "Private Sector Development in North East Asia: Issues and Challenges", Ulaanbaatar, 14-15 March 2005
  10. “Fourth Workshop on Economic Development Strategies of East Asian Countries: Poverty Reduction and Sustaining Growth Strategy”, Ulaanbaatar, 11-12 August 2005
  11. “Towards Building and Strengthening the Role of Mongolia in Northeast Asia”, Ulaanbaatar, 23-24 February 2006

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