East-West Center and Tumen Secretariat

Study tour to ERINA, East-West Center and Tumen Secretariat
October 7-16, 2002

The Study tour was organized by Mongolian Development Research Center during October 7-16, 2002 to Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (Niigata, Japan), East-West Center (Hawaii, USA) and Tumen Secretariat (Beijing, China). Dr.D.Lundeejantsan, Member of the Parliament of Mongolia and Chairman of the Standing Committee for Security and Foreign Policy, Dr.S.Lhagva, Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors, MDRC and Dr.L.Nyamtseren, Executive Director of MDRC participated in this study tour.

The meeting at ERINA took place with Mr.Yoshida, Director General of ERINA, Mr.Katsuo Sasagawa, Managing Director and Mr.Nakagawa, Director for Research division. Mr.Nakagawa made introduction on ERINA's research projects and its activities e.g. trustees, board of Councilors, collecting and disseminating informations, research projects, regional seminars and seminars for supporting members of ERINA, promotion of industrial exchange and Northeast Asia Economic Conference 2002 in Niigata and Economic conference organizing Committee meetings and major recommendations presented at the 2002 NEA Economic Conference. ERINA has 10-year anniversary and proposes to send a business mission to Mongolia in 2003. This business mission can look, for example, into the marketing possibilities of Mongolian textile industries in Northeast Asia, including North Korea and Shanghai area. If Mongolian companies are listed in ERINA's Business Directory, they could have potential to export to Japanese market. Meeting at East-West Center was with Mrs. Karen Knudsen, Director, Office of External Affairs. She introduced about the East-West Center. The center was established in 1960 by US Congress. The most part of funding of East-West Center comes from the US government. Mr. Charles E.Morrison, President of East-West Center introduced about the role of US in Asia Pacific region. East-West Center focuses on individual countries as well as broader economic cooperation issues, e.g. holding Northeast Asia Economic Forum each year. East-West center has three divisions: 1. Research (multilateral teams, population, health, security, governance, environment and economic development, including energy) 2. Education, including scholarship program in cooperation with Hawaii University and short term program for graduate students 3. Seminars, workshops and conferences. Mr.Gombyn Tsogtsaikhan, Deputy Director, Tumen Secretariat, introduced about TRADP and its activities. The program is already 12 years. UNDP spent about $1 million every year and other donors about $10 million in the second phase. The program was initiated by UNDP in order to involve DPRK in Northeast Asian cooperation. However, this seems now not the main purpose. UNDP's purpose is now more to expand the program, including 5 countries of NEA and focus more on economic activities. Japan, China and South Korea are now starting to talk to establish common market in NEA. However, it seems that Mongolia cannot be a meaningful player due its weak economy. But North Korea has more capacity. ADB proposed a study of $800,000 in Mongolia, however the Mongolian government, including Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Finance and Economy, especially the medium level is too bureaucratic. In NEA, the partnership network is developing well. For example, regional association was established, including 10 Universities and Research institutes around the Japan Sea. Mongolia is not included. Mongolia needs to work hard to be accepted as a member of emerging Northeast Asia economic community.

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