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The workshop topic was Development of Economic Cooperation between China and Mongolia. On the Chinese side, participants were Prof. Chen Longshan, President of the Center for Northeast Asian Studies and Chief Editor of the Northeast Asian Studies Journal, Mr. Yuan Cheng Jun, Associate Section Chief, Foreign Affairs Division, Jilin Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Gu Hong Ming, Deputy Section Chief, Foreign Economic Cooperation Division, Jilin Province Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department, a representative from Tourism Division, Jilin Province Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department and Ms. Li Xue, Assistant Research Fellow, Foreign Affairs Division, Jilin Academy of Social Sciences.

At the workshop, first, Mr. Yuan Cheng welcomed the Mongolian delegation and talked about their cooperation with Mongolia and Mongolian Research Development Center. Then, Prof. Chen Longshan briefed us about his research and findings. Also, Mr. Gu Hong Ming made a brief presentation on economic cooperation overview of Jilin Province and the representative from the Tourism Division talked about the tourism in Jilin province.

At its turn, the Mongolian delegation made presentations about the foreign economic relations of Mongolia and yet-to-be established free trade zone Altanbulag.

As both sides were highly interested in each other's presentations, we discussed the possibilities of economic cooperation and tourism between Mongolia and Jilin province. In this regard, the ideas of Prof. Chen Longshan were highly interesting as his ideas were based on his long-term research. Possible areas of cooperation (in addition to the joint economic research) were concluded as trade, processing of livestock raw materials, mining industry, education and tourism.

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