Russia-Mongolia-China. Eurasian Transborder Corridors

The International Scientific and Practical Conference.
Russia (East Siberia)-Mongolia-China. Eurasian Transborder Corridors.
held. 23-24, July, 2002
Irkutsk (Russia)

The Conference was sponsored by the Mongolian Development Research Center (Ulaanbaatar) and organized by Oriental Studies Support Foundation (Moscow). Board members of the MDRC, authorities of the Irkutsk Regional Administration, Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan), delegation from Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea) took part in the Conference. Among the participants were also representatives of Russian Ministry of Railroad Communications, Administration of the East-Siberian Railroad and major Siberian transportation and energy-producing companies as well.

The participants of the Conference stated that problems of development and creation of new transportation corridors from Russia to Mongolia, China, Korean Peninsula and Japan can be solved subject to close international cooperation and provided that transport opportunities of Russia (including the Transsib Railroad) are used. The significance of the proposed TransKorean Railroad and its . Eastward. and . Westward. connection with the Transsib was specially stressed. Some experts strongly endorsed the economic viability of the proposed natural gas and other pipelines from Russia to China through transit of the territory of Mongolia. The experts also stated the importance of building new automobile roads from East Siberia to Mongolia and China and creating new tourist corridors as well.


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