Publications by MDRC


  1. East Asian economies: Private Sector, Growth Strategy and Poverty Reduction (English), 2006
  2. Internal and external factors on economic cooperation and development in Mongolia and Northeast Asia (English), 2005
  3. Latest economic development issues in the Northeast Asia and Mongolia (English), 2004
  4. Northeast Asian cooperation issues in a changing strategic environment (English), 2003
  5. Factors of economic cooperation in Northeast Asia (English), 2003
  6. Political security, economic and infrastructure factors of economic cooperation inj Northeast Asia (English), 2002
  7. Made in Japan, 2002
  8. Achieving the results by studynig, 2002
  9. Role of Mongolia for the peaceful and stable development of Northeasty Asia, 2001
  10. Millennium road, 2001
  11. Mongolian development strategy: Capacity building, 2000
  12. Renovation of Mongolia on the Eve of the XXI century and future development pattern, 2000
  13. Economic cooperation between Bordering regions of Mongolia, Russia and China, 2000
  14. Development experience of Ausralia and New Zealand, 2000
  15. Businesmen of Mongolia, 2000
  16. Mongolian development strategy: Environment and pastoral Livestock, 1999
  17. Mongolian development strategy: National secutity issues, 1999
  18. Mongolian development strategy: Lessons and possibilities, 1999
  19. Mongolian development strategy: Regional planning and development, 1999

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