L.Nyamtseren: Report on Participation in “ASAN Plenum 2013” and Advisory Meeting “Facilitating North Korea’s Economic Transition: Lessons from Asia”


Report on Participation in “ASAN Plenum 2013” and Advisory Meeting “Facilitating North Korea’s Economic Transition: Lessons from Asia”


By Dr.L.Nyamtseren, Member of the Governing Board,

Mongolian Development Research Center

The ASAN plenum is a yearly gathering of the world’s leading experts and scholars  to discuss the pressing challenges facing the world and organized by the ASAN Institute for Policy Studies.  Dr.L.Nyamtseren  participated in the “ASAN Plenum 2013: New World Disorder” hold from April 30-May 1 and the advisory meeting “Facilitating North Korea’s Economic Transition: Lessons from Asia”  on 2 May, 2013 in Seoul, ROK.

The Plenum had four plenary sessions and 18 panels. Parallel break-out sessions and intimate lunch sessions in small groups provided further opportunity for in-depth discussion and networking.

I attended all four plenary sessions on “New world disorder”, “Evolving new world order in East Asia”, “Crisis and reform of global capitalism”,  “Democracy and economic crisis” and six panels on “East Asian economic regionalism”, “Nuclear Northeast Asia”, “Security crisis and trade disputes”, “Confronting history in East Asia”, “Sources of instability in East Asia”, “Democracies in Southeast Asia”.  The additional networking luncheon topic was the “Sustainability of China’s economy” moderated by Yukong Huang, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The 2013 Plenum brought together more than 200 distinguished experts, policymakers, scholars and members of media to share their insights into the nature and implications of the current world order and prospects for the emergence of a new one.

It has discovered many disorders currently facing the world such as the world’s unprecedented instability, uncertainty, leadership vacuum, continuing financial crisis, and irreversible economic decline of Europe and Japan, political upheaval in Middle East and North Africa, nuclear North Korea, issues with cyber security, security crisis and trade disputes, territorial disputes in East Asia, stability and changes in post-crisis party systems, crisis of global capitalism, the post-“Arab spring” leadership deficit, and so on. Therefore, the Plenum provided the opportunity to exchange the visionary ideas as on world’s new order, leadership, as well as on the threats to the future of international peace and security.

The Plenum was organized at very high level, and in focusing the above areas, it addressed the major challenges that our society faces today.

Although, many questions are remained open, it will impact obviously the policy making process enabling the global community to better deal with the challenges.

The second event, the advisory meeting on “Facilitating North Korea’s Economic Transition: Lessons from Asia” focused mainly on the agenda of the first seminar to be held in Ulaanbaatar in July 2013. L.Nyamtseren provided to this advisory meeting his opinions on the agenda of the first seminar and consulted with other experts of the group. The first seminar will focus on the Mongolian and Chinese experiences and the second on the Southeast Asian experiences. They should contribute to exchange information, experiences regarding the economic transition of involving countries and engaging North Korea, and to encourage North Korea to participate in seminars.


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